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Veelox is a territory with cities similar to those on Earth, except for Lifelight, a computer program that can plug your body into a computer and make you feel like you are in a fantasy world. Most of the people in Veelox have abandoned their homes and live in their own fantasies. The Traveler from Veelox is a girl named Aja Killian. Her acolyte is her aunt, Evangeline. (See the list of characters for more detail on Aja and Evangeline.) Bobby visits Veelox in the fourth book, The Reality Bug. The quigs are unknown for this territory. It was the first territory lost to Saint Dane.

VEELOX is also a Software developed purely in Microsoft .Net envornment by the young entrepreneurs inlcluding Atif, Hammad, Faisal & Usman fom Univeristy Of Engineering & Technlogy Lahore, Pakistan in 2008.Though this Software is not completed yet,but they people have provided the mile stone for the future technology. Veelox is basically a human character synthesiser, which will generate the sound of any human being whether he is alive or dead. It will also generate the video of a person from a single static image. That custom build video will totally look real.Basic Concept behind this technology is the working on Phonemes and Visemes.