Name: Negatron

Age: Ageless


  • Warp space, in any way
  • Wipe objects from existence


Despite his great power, Negatron actually does very little. His first documented action was to assist in the creation of Hollowstar. From then on, he was called the Fourth King, although his second contribution was to help the Metromages survive the transit from the First Age of Hollowstar to the second. After that, he helped usher in the Third Age of Hollowstar by making war on his brother Chronos, who came in from another universe and tried to take over. The Third Age ended with the death of Chronos, which destroyed the universe. Negatron ushered in the Fourth Age of Hollowstar by regenerating the universe and combining it with two other universes, causing everything from Hollowstar's history to come back. Negatron eventually regretted this decision and allowed a group of mortals to end Hollowstar for good.

Negatron had two children during the Second Age of Hollowstar. The first, a boy named Margon, proved too violent and Negatron eventually had to kill him. Negatron's daughter Tulvian, however, married and became the mother of Segarus.