Name: Lord Viper

Gender: Male

Race: Human


Lord Viper is a snake trainer. He prepares snakes for combat by imbuing their natural poison abilities with magical tenacity. Over the years he has learned to train any reptile, not just poison snakes, and trained a dragon as an example. Now he rides the dragon everwhere, using it as his primary weapon in his true occupation: a mercenary. Everything Lord Viper trains turns a pale grey, which has a terrible effect on the superstitious.


  • Belt threaded with snakes
  • A multitude of magical artifacts of Hollowstar (accumulated over the years; these have nothing to do with his other abilities)
  • A ghostly snake he can summon at will

The Dragon

Lord Viper's dragon, called the Viper Dragon, constitutes most of his power. It is not large as dragons go, and while it has some physical combat abilities it is not used to using them. It is possessed by Lord Viper's demon snake. While the dragon was black before Lord Viper captured it, it is now Lord Viper's signature shade of grey.

Breath: A beam of light that lances into enemies, causing a magical poison that can end only with the death of Lord Viper. This poison does not act biologically, but instead causes the victim's body to gradually disintegrate.

Shielding: The dragon can create force fields around its body to reduce the force of attacks. Like everything of Lord Viper's, these can build endlessly.