Origin Keys of Southeastern Alexlas & Mailbu
Language Engish, Spanish,
Average Height 1.9 to 2.2 meters
Skin Color Green to Blue
Distinctions Cold-blooded reptiles

KEYVANS are a reptilian species, often over two meters tall, with thick scaly skins, and small claws on their fingers. They are a cold-blooded species, who could start to losing energy in less than twenty minutes if exposed without clothing on to freezing temperatures.

The Keyvan's green-buleish eyes gave them excellent night vision. A Keyvan's claws were not their most effective natural weapon — instead, trained Keyvan martial artists whipped or bludgeoned their opponents with their thick, muscular tails. Keyvans varnished and painted their claws for decorative purposes. Keyvans were apparently related to the Gorns, though no conclusive genetic links were known. In tradition the Keyvans enjoy spa treatment and meditate rituals which they wore loose santan and slik robes decorated with gemstones.

Keyvans were also noted for their excruciatingly complex and protracted protocol rituals. For example, when greeting there Keyvan ambassador, it was necessary to begin with a greeting in one of a Cuban language.

Keyvan culture originally revolved around a the Keys of Alexlas. As a hold-over of this time, Keyvans in later years almost always traveled in groups of three or more. Lone Keyvan just did and go wherever they want. Keyvans used a single name. Typical Keyvan names included Demesk, Andros, Nassau, Ocala, Melas, Salerno, Sonus, Destin, and Deltona.

Keyvans valued the natural beauty of their homes on the keys, especially the beaches and its high living. When Keyvans travel north to visit, their are few villages located in the Minnestoa Sea, usually near underground hot springs to keep the cold-blooded Keyvans warm at night at there stay. These hot springs are only for these Keyvans and other Alexian species that have not come yet.