The Jedi are a fictional monastic peacekeeping organization from the Star Wars universe, know for their talent in the force.

The word Jedi is said to have been borrowed by George Lucas from jidaigeki (Japanese for "period drama" movies about samurai). This is appropriate, since the Jedi resemble feudal samurai in many respects. Their simple attire includes a Japanese-style kimono. Some Jedi names, like Yoda and Obi-Wan, are Japanese in their style. (In fact, an obi is a belt or sash worn over a kimono.) As shown in Episodes I-III, Jedi Apprentices, or Padawans, have close cropped hair, with two exceptions: a long, thin braid, grown from behind the right ear; signifying their years as a padawan; and a short ponytail in the back of the skull, which resembles a Japanese topknot. One of the first Jedi seen in the saga is Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was inspired by the Samurai roles of Toshiro Mifune (whom Lucas considered casting), in particular, the role of Rokurota Makabe in The Hidden