Name: Asof

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 4'8"


Asof is the last living member of a Twin Ghost set, which bound him to his brothers in a way that made each of them a superior fighter, with the side effect of protecting them from each other. After sinking into evil magic, he grew resentful of his connection to his brothers and hired an assassin to kill his younger brother Lizer. His elder brother Gerrond died of other causes. Originally, the three of them were called the Triplet Ghost.


Asof is a long-standing member of the healer clan of wizards. He his capable of healing, though through his cruelty the healing is generally more painful than the wound. When not trying to blend in with ordinary humans, he has an almost constant aura that provokes fear and hatred in those around him. He never trims his fingernails, and will use them as claws in a fight.