Traveler ring

An Acolyte's ring.

Acolytes are men and women who help the travelers. The Acolytes use their knowledge of Halla to help the travelers defeat Saint Dane. They supply the Travelers with information and supplies, such as transportation and clothing. They, however, cannot travel between territories as far the original rules state. However, they each receive a ring through which they can receive things from the travelers, and send things other acolytes. There is one acolyte per territory, but Second Earth, Bobby's territory, has two: Mark Dimond and Courtney Chetwynde, Bobby's best friends (It is assumed Courtney is the only acolyte after Mark left second earth, because he leaves Courtney the ring). When there is a new Acolyte, the old Acolyte does not die; for instance, Tom Dorney, the previous acolyte from Second Earth, remained alive when Mark and Courtney became the acolytes. On Cloral, Vo Spader's acolyte is Wu Yenza, his boss. On Veelox, Aja's acolyte is Evangeline. On Eelong, Kasha's acolyte was her friend Boon. On Zadaa, Loor's acolyte is Saangi, her little sister. On Denduron, Alder's acolyte is the Milago woman whose husband died in a Transfer ceremony Dodger is Gunny's Acolyte.

It is unknown whetherPatrickand Remudi have acolytes, or even know what acolytes are, as the series has never mentioned them.

Nevva does not have an acolyte because she has not had enough time to find one and believes she works better alone.